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Floor Sawing

floor saw CCL

Concrete Cutting Ltd (CCL) uses a self-driven 38hp floor saw for everyday applications including cutting for demolition of concrete slabs, factory floors, driveways, decorative cutting, expansion cutting to prevent cracking, or cutting trenches for plumbers pipes or electricians cables.  These machines are the most cost effective, and are the fastest cutting machines in the industry.

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Flush Cutting

Flush cutter CCL

Concrete Cutting Ltd (CCL) uses a specialised saw for flush cutting which allows the ability to cut close to walls and floors, producing a flat surface and reducing the need for further breaking out in tight situations.

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Hand Sawing / Ring Sawing

Ring saw CCL

Hand sawing can be used where there is no access for a floor saw. It is also commonly used for demolition, or cutting wall & doorway cavities to a depth of 150mm in reinforced concrete or brick.

Ring sawing is used after the hand saw to a depth of 260mm. These are extremely useful saws for cutting door openings or where concrete or brick is thicker than 150mm.

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Core Drilling


Core drilling techniques are used when trades people require precise circular holes drilled.  Any diameter hole can be achieved to make openings for plumbing, electrical and building trades.  Drilling through brick, concrete block, pre-cast concrete and concrete foundations is made easy using specialist drilling equipment.                     […]

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Decorative Cutting


With the use of our floor saw (and an experienced steady hand), decorative cutting is used to generate a pattern in the concrete surface making the area look like large tiles.  The experts at Concrete Cutting Ltd (CCL) can design any size squares, diamonds or rectangles to suit your particular design.  Commonly used around pool areas […]

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Safety Standards and Environment

sitesafe logo

Concrete Cutting Ltd (CCL) strives to achieve a high level of safety and environmental standards.  All of our work is carried out in accordance with our detailed health and safety policy managed by ‘Northsafe’ our local health and safety specialists.

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